Networking & Information Technology

We have many years experience on designing and installing networks. We go right back to the early 1980’s and the days of token ring, coax based Ethernet and Novell Netware.

Since then CM-Media Productions have always been there, working with the latest equipment and technologies expanding our experience and finding new solutions to the ever increasing demands of computer based systems.

Information Technology

  • Wire your business – Internet and Intranet – Infrastructure and Communications
  • Supply Servers and Clients according to your specific requirements
    Design and Supply of Multimedia Systems
  • Optimise security and configure anti-virus systems as required
  • Speed up and optimise your Workstations and Servers
  • Installation of peripheral software and hardware according
  • Software licencing
  • Technical Solutions – We are very flexible and can resolve almost any issue
  • Quality Assurance – All our work is done to the highest standards

Please contact us to discuss your network project.

As computers have grown more and more powerful, the need for faster and more complex networking technologies has evolved. The speeds that the average home now has are truly light years from the basic RS232 protocols that we used 30 years ago.

As with computers, CM-Media Productions have grown up with networking technologies whether they be cable, fiber optic, radio or microwave, hub and switching (technologies).

We can design and install a network for any small to medium sized business.

Incorporating the latest technologies such as NAS, distributed computing and dedicated groupware systems either locally server based or externally hosted. Taking into consideration redundancy, fall-over and backup solutions.

Our network solutions will be based on your exacting requirements. We can make recommendations on software and hardware systems to improve your business and increase productivity.

We can provide this service as a complete turnkey solution or provide consultancy in one particular area at any stage of your project.

Past projects have included:-

  • Design and supervising of the installation of a 300+ client network during the buildings construction
  • Installation and commissioning of CAT5 & CAT6 infrastructures
  • Installation and configuration of company servers on a wide range of architectures including all versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Novell and Linux.
  • We have also worked at some of the most complex sites in the world including the Lloyds Building in London, who’s internal metal structure had to be re-enforced in the 90’s to take the weight of all the extra network cables.